Donations are appreciated and can be dropped off anytime we are open.   Please read our trade guidelines below (updated 9/1/22)



General: Equipment, toys, dress up, shoes.



  • -Boys 

  • -Boys 


  • -Girls 

  • -Girls 

  • -Girls 


Thank you for considering us to recycle items that your family has grown out of!

Feel free to bring donations anytime during operating hours. For equipment donations we ask that you call ahead.

Please keep in mind we keep things as simple as we can.

This means no having to post your pictures or ads to Craigslist or Facebook. No flakes or strangers that you need to meet with or coming to your home.

We keep it easy for you, no fuss. We can also donate any items we do not buy-in if you prefer.


     Things To Know

Please read and follow these guidelines to help us keep things flowing smoothly:


  • We are not a consignment store. We make you an offer before the item sells and accept the risk of the item not selling at all or having to reduce prices over time.

  • Call ahead to ensure we are taking drop offs and secure a drop off day.  We will not do any trade on the spot. 

  • We will only accept trade drop offs of clothing at a maximum of 2 grocery sized bags per drop offs. No trash bag sized drop offs please.

  • We do not buy-in stained, excessively worn, faded or ripped clothing or items that need a lot of cleaning and grooming.

  • Your items need to be organized by size, folded, and in "like new" condition or we will not go through them.

  • Please allow us up to 7 days to go through your items and we will return with an offer. We go in the order of which things are dropped off.

  • After we've made you an offer we will allow you 7 business days to pick up your items. If your items are not picked up they will be considered a donation and property of WhipperSnappers. We have limited storage and are happy to donate what we cannot use. 

  • If you would like to bring in larger items (ie: equipment or large play items) please call ahead to check if it’s something we would be interested in. This may save you an unnecessary trip.

  • The amount we offer for your items is a percentage based on what we think we can re-sell the item for. 

  • We base our price on condition, season, quality, popularity, and need.

  • We give a higher percentage offer in store credit than cash. 

  • Store credit will expire one year after it is issued.

  • We reserve the right to determine what new goods in-store credit can be used on. For example store credit can be used to pay for new Playshoes or Hape items but not new items from Hocosa.

  • Everything sold in store, is sold as-is.

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