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Donations are appreciated and can be dropped off anytime we are open.

Please ensure all donations are washed and folded.

Large donations or equipment donations  please call ahead first.


Please read our trade guidelines below (updated April 26, 2024)

Items accepting for trade: 


  • Boys sizes: 2T bottoms, 3T Pants only, 4T Pants only, 5T Bottoms, 6 Bottoms, 7 Shorts only, 8 Bottoms, 10 Tops/Pants only, 12 Tops/Shorts only, 14 Tops/Pants only, 16 Tops/Shorts only.

  •  Girls sizes: 3T Tops/Bottoms, 4T Bottoms only (no jean pants), Bottoms, 6 Shorts only, 7 Shorts only, 8 Shorts/Tops only, 10 Tops/Bottoms, 14 Tops/Shorts, 16 Tops/Shorts.

  • Girls sizes

Trade Policy & Guidelines

Thank you for considering Whipper Snappers to bring your recycled items that your family has outgrown. Please take the time to read through our updated trade policies. We hope that after you read our policies you will want to work with us, and most of your questions are answered. If you have additional question’s please contact us and we’d be happy to answer them. 

Children’s resale is unlike adult resale. Prices are much lower, yet our cost of operating a store are the same. In order to provide a store for you to bring your outgrown items we have to consider the costs of rent, insurance, utilities, labor, advertising, licenses, laundry, and much more.

One of the most difficult parts of trade for us is having to reject items that you and your child loved. We must base our decisions on what is in demand today. No offense is ever intended, this is based on our knowledge of current local resell demands. We extend your trade credit based on what we believe the item will sell for before the item sells and accept the risk of the item not selling at all or having to reduce prices over time.

Our current trade days are Tuesday’s – Friday’s. Plan on spending 30 minutes or less. Please call for an appointment as you will need one. 


  • All items need to be washed, folded, and separated by size. Any items that have excessive animal hair or have not been washed will not be reviewed.

  • All items that are being reviewed should be free of holes, stains, rips and tears.

  • Any toy items that require batteries must be in working condition with batteries in the toy.

  • We will only accept appointments for trade of clothing at a maximum of 2 grocery sized bags per  appointment unless arranged otherwise. No trash bag size appointments please.

  • Store credit will expire one year after it is issued.

  • We reserve the right to determine what new goods in-store credit can be used on. For example store credit can be used to pay for new Playshoes or Hape items but not new items from Hocosa.

  • Everything sold in store, is sold as-is.

We base the amount we can offer you on the condition, size, and desirability of the item. This offer is for store credit only. The credit can then be used to pay for up to ½ of your next transaction at Whipper Snappers. For example, assuming you have $100 in store credit and your purchase total is $50.00, you are able to use $25.00 of your store credit and will then need to pay the remaining $25.00 balance on that days purchase. This leaves you with $75.00 of store credit for future purchases.

Who will be happy with our trade system?

 People who want others to enjoy the items their children have outgrown while earning a bonus and doing good for our earth, you will love our system.

 ~Cash options~

 Occasionally we will purchase from people who have outgrown the store, have other clothing desires, or are moving away. This makes store credit purposeless for them. For this option we will only consider top lines and desirable sizes.

Pricing is based on condition, quality, sizes and desirability, but will not be as high as a store credit would be.  We also encourage you to come in with a price in mind for a faster transaction.

While we understand that you may be trying to maximize your return on your used children’s clothing, we do not offer our trade system to disappoint you, and again, children’s resale is not a lucrative business. Should you be seeking top dollar we kindly suggest to try to resale on your own for maximum benefit to you.


What is desirable?

Current brands are Hanna Anderson, Kickee, Mimi & Maggie, Oilily, Jottum, Mini Boden, Mustard Pie, Lola & The Boys, Petit, Lem, Elaine Et Luna, Matilda and Jane, Janie and Jack, Pom Pom, Tea, Jelly The Pug, Sergent Major, Mayoral, Room Seven, Oviesse Fagottino, Ses Petites, etc.


What is less desirable?

‘Bargain” and “mart” lines that are not made to withstand more than one child’s use. Cat & Jack, Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Simple Joys, Carters, Gerber, Chic Pea, Jumping Beans, Epic Threads, Just One You, OshKosh, Faded Glory, High Sierra, Wonder Nation, Children’s Place, Cherokee, etc.


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